This video is #219 in the educational series that is all about car crashes, instant karma, roll over accidents, insurance fraud, close calls, and more. If you're into insane dash cam footage, crashes, fails, and more, this is the video for you. Enjoy, you'll be addicted!

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2 Instant Karma Cut Off - C403

As you can see, the Toyota driver illegally merged into the next
lane, by crossing over solid white lines, cutting off the cammer.
Super satisfying karma was dished up seconds later.

3 Rear End Collision - HummingBird

The red Scion driver changes lanes the last second to avoid hitting the stopped cars. In doing so, he stops, causing the cammer to rear end him. Thanks to dashcam footage, the scion driver was at fault.

4 Crazy Overtake - DCM

The driver overtakes the cammer and clips him the process. I am not sure what happened to cause this, but it doesn’t justify a cut off sideswipe accident. Road rage is never worth it.

5 Tire blow out crash - Mystic

The drivers tire blows out due to the excessive summer heat, which causes him to spin out and collide with other cars. This is a PSA: please make sure your tires have sufficient tread.

6 Last Minute Lane Change Crash - Jay

The Benz driver merged the last minute, illegally, causing the
car to nearly flip! Thanks to the dashcam footage, the Benz
driver was found 70% at fault, cammer 30%. Was this fair? Let me know down below!

7 Red Light Runner Crash - HRVP

The sedan driver was speeding, and clearly couldn’t be bothered to stop at a red light. He nearly causes an accident by running the red. Thankfully, this came a halt, as the karma cop was positioned perfectly to dish up some justice.

8 Attentive Driver Saves Life - Mark J

The cyclist falls flat out of the blue. Thankfully, because the truck
driver was alert, he managed to avoid a collision with the
cyclist, saving his life. Always expect the unexpected!

9 Intersection Crash - Dima

The turning driver had a yield light, whereas the van driver had a
green light. The turning driver failed to yield to oncoming traffic,
causing the collision. If it’s not safe to proceed, pls don’t risk it.

10 Random Road - Dash48

For some reason the pedestrians have a fight with no outcome. One of those pedestrians kicks the cammers car, but he does the right thing by driving off and not engaging. Never engage with ragers, it’s a lose lose.

11 Red Light Runner Crash - Martin G!

The red light running sedan driver was distracted, causing him
to run the red, which resulted in the crash. Had he been fully
alert, this could’ve been easily avoided.

12 Driver Hits Tree - Kiet

The white sedan driver was in a rush and tried to turn left from the far right lane, causing him to lose control, and slam into the tree, totaling the vehicle. Thankfully, the driver is ok.

13 Backup Accident - Roland H!

This clip is a great example as to why the little things matter. A
simple mistake from that BMW driver, not realizing his car was
still in reverse, cost him hundreds of dollars worth of damages.

14 Red Light Runner Crash - Dogg

The white SUV driver was in the clear, as he had a green light. The turning drivers had a yield light. One driver failed to yield, causing the head on collision. Both vehicles are totaled, but most importantly, everyone is ok.

15 Oblivious Toyota Driver - Carl C!

The Toyota driver was brake checking for no reason whatsoever. Do you think he was looking for a quick pay day? Let me know down below what you think!

16 Train Rams Into Truck - Rosco

The semi truck driver completely disregards the fact that it was a railroad crossing, and gets rammed into. Thankfully it only hit what he was towing and not him. Driver got out with minor bruises only, miraculously.

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