About Us

Stop Backup Accidents is pleased with your interest in this industry and specifically ultrasonic parking sensor systems. We believe that EVERY driver in the U.S. should have collision detection technology, such as our ultrasonic parking sensor systems, added to their car to help us all be safer and to save money. We sincerely hope and expect that we can and will assist you to improve the safety conditions of your vehicle and to all of those around you.

Stop Backup Accidents is a distribution company that purchases ultrasonic parking sensor systems directly from the manufacturer. Our business model is to distribute the product to major U.S. distributors and retailers. We also sell directly to the end user through this web site.

Stop Backup Accidents has the goal to become the largest distributor of ultrasonic parking sensor systems with our Backup Parking Sensor systems. We will sell over 20,000 systems in the U.S. alone in 2005, and this number will double in the U.S. in 2006 alone.

The ultrasonic parking sensor system is designed for all vehicles, for all customers and for all needs. Whether you are a mother and you drive an SUV, or you are a truck driver, or you are a commercial driver of a small truck, the ultrasonic parking sensor system is for you.

There is no doubt that you will avoid most collisions while reversing, so you will pay less insurance deductibles and your insurance will decline over time, so adding a reverse backing system is a GREAT financial investment. Also, because you are going to avoid more accidents, which reduces the risk of injuring yourself and others, not adding a reverse backing system to your vehicle is a mistake.

If you are interested in selling our ultrasonic parking sensor to take advantage of this INCREDIBLE opportunity, the time is now and will never be better!!!

Because Safety is Important to Us All