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    Two Cars Back into Each Other (Both Backing-Up) This might be the most common type of accident in a parking lot. Since both vehicles are moving, both drivers share responsibility. To make matters even more puzzling, neither driver has the right-of-way, as each is responsible for checking to make sure the coast is clear before backing up the car.

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    four vehicle accidents can be blamed on poor backing techniques. Backing accidents cause 500 deaths and 15,000 injuries per year. The use of safe vehicle backing tips by employers and employees can help prevent accidents while on the job. • Get to know a vehicle’s blind spots. In a medium-sized truck, blind spots can extend up to 16 feet

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    Another common car accident involving backing up occurs when backing out of a driveway. The car backing out of the driveway has an obligation to look before backing up. Since the car backing up was moving when the accident happened, the driver must not have been paying enough attention to see the other car.

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    The possibility, therefore, exists of hurting someone, even a child, while backing up. According to injury attorneys who help clients deal with this type of devastating accident, most backing up incidents can be prevented if drivers are careful, attentive, and alert. Statistics – Backing and Back Over Accidents

  • Accidents Caused by Trucks Backing Up or Reversing

    Accidents Caused by Trucks Backing Up or Reversing. Most semi-truck drivers operate with the principal that they should never back up if they can pull forward because as soon as the truck starts moving in reverse, the chance of an accident occurring greatly increases.

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    Backing up accidents are more common than many people realize, especially in parking lots and on private property, where the flow of traffic is less defined. Of the backing up accidents that occur in a given year, a certain percentage of them involve large trucks—semis, garbage trucks, dump trucks, and so forth.

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    Always walk around your vehicle before backing out of a driveway. Backing into a driveway is often much safer. Not following these recommendations can be terrible if a child is hurt. This video ...

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    Backing up accidents are vehicle-pedestrian accidents wherein the driver runs over a person as they are backing up. These can happen in any situation where a driver is backing up, but they are most common when a person is backing up out of their own driveway.

  • Preventing Car Accidents When Backing Up

    A car accident that occurs when a driver is backing up can have devastating consequences for everyone involved. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, an estimated 292 people are killed each year by a driver who backs into them, and an additional 18,000 are injured.

  • Back-up collision - Wikipedia

    Back-up collisions happen when a driver reverses the car into an object, person, or other car.

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