Causes Of Car Accidents Involving Children

In the last few decades, the US has seen a major escalation in the number of personal injury compensation claims that are being filed in the country. While on the one hand it shows that the legal system of the country has indeed become highly accessible to the citizens of the country, on the other hand, it also points to an alarming fact: there are too many cases of “car crash” people getting hurt due to the negligence of others, a fact that is made all the more sinister by the understanding that a huge percentage of these are car accident compensation claims.

What causes the accidents?

According to recent surveys conducted in Texas, an alarming fact comes to the forefront. Among the many pedestrians that walk the streets of the country, the aged and the children are the ones that are most prone to accidents. The reason behind this can be easily understood: both these groups of people are the least equipped with the razor sharp alertness that need to be put to use while walking the streets of the country, moreover, the agility required to avoid such accidents cannot be expected from them either. Therefore, the responsibility of driving carefully so as to ensure that these pedestrians are not the victims of an accident falls on the drivers of the vehicles that run on the streets of the country. Sadly, however, this is not often the case, as can be testified by the huge number of kids and aged people that are injured on the streets every year.

Why should you claim?

A child is, as a rule, a lot more vulnerable than his or her grown up counterparts. Even the most mature of the lot is likely to be more affected than the most immature of adults, thanks to the fact that they are easily impressionable and a lot more probe to being shocked and traumatized. It should be kept in mind, therefore, that when these people are involved in a car accident, the effect on them is all the more terrible, irrespective of the fact that they might not have received any major physical trauma. A child is highly likely to be much traumatized, psychologically, when he or she is the victim of a car accident; in such cases, it is of the utmost importance that a car accident claim is filed against the guilty party.

The rules and the exceptions

According to the recently conducted survey, it can be seen that in most cases, it is the child that walks alone that is the most prone to being the victim of an accident. Such children are usually the ones that are old enough to be allowed to travel alone. Such accidents can take place if the child is not really very aware of the rules and regulations that should be followed on the roads, or because he or she was not being very attentive. In many cases, the children are victims of road accidents either because they failed to hear the vehicles coming down the roads because they had earphones plugged into their ears, or because they were speaking on their cell phones. In many other cases, younger children get involved in accidents because of the negligence of the drivers of the vehicles.

"car accident"However, it is not always the fault of a negligent driver that causes such accidents. The gravity of a compensation claim gets much diminished if the victim is underage, but is old enough to be aware of the road safety rules as well as capable of taking care of him or herself. In many cases, such accidents take place because a fairly grown up boy or girl simply ignores the road traffic rules; for instance; crosses the road at the wrong place or walks along the roads carelessly, despite being perfectly aware of the rules.

According to the recently conducted surveys, a lot of teenagers are victimized by car accidents every year. The reason behind this can be understood very clearly: in most cases, these are the people who are the most negligent about rules, and also the most reckless in nature. In most cases, such accidents take place with a young adult at the wheels and an underage passenger by the side; “car accident claim” such drivers are usually more prone to showing off to their younger counterparts, thus succumbing to the urge to drive recklessly. Moreover, this age group is also the most likely to be driving under the influence of some kind of an intoxicant.

Important clauses

Filing a claim demanding one car accident compensation is of the utmost importance if your child has been injured in an accident that was not his or her fault at all. Keep in mind that according to the laws of the United Kingdom, the claim cannot be filed by an underage person; so, the responsibility falls on the parent or on the legal guardian of the victim. On the other hand, you can wait to file the claim when the child turns eighteen, that is, an adult according to the law. According to the law of the country, if the victim is underage, then the claim or compensation can be filed within two years from the day he or she turns into an adult.

"car accident claim"If you are filing for compensation on the behalf of your kid, you should remember that the laws are not much different from the ones that you would have had to follow if you had been filing for the compensation for yourself. There are a few points that you should be keeping in mind, however. First of all, remember that in such a situation, there is a definite advantage on the part of the claimant: since the child is not expected to be totally aware of the rules and regulations of the roads, small negligence on the part of the kid are usually overlooked by the judge and the jury. Do keep in mind, on the other hand, that of the accident took place while you were accompanying the child, and you could have avoided it by being a little more careful, then the claim loses much of its gravity in the courtroom.

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