Drivers stranded on I-95 traffic backup in Virginia for hours

Hundreds of drivers in Virginia were stranded on I-95 as traffic hit a standstill for hours following Monday's storm. The weather in Virginia led to crashes and stalled trucks, keeping drivers trapped on the interstate. Some drivers reported being stuck on the highway for as long as 10 hours overnight.

One driver we spoke with said she left her house in Fredericksburg around 8 p.m. Monday and was still stranded south of Stafford on I-95 Tuesday morning.

"I'm fine, I'm tired," she said. "I didn't expect to be awake at this hour, and I didn't expect to be outside in the snow in gridlock traffic . All things considered, things could be worse."

She noted a dangerous situation is getting less dangerous because it hasn't snowed for hours. But standstill traffic remains.

She said she left her home in Fredericksburg for Alexandria, Virginia, when her power went out. She had no idea how bad the backup was until she was in it.

After all cars are moved, plows will go in to help clear the snow from the highway and then ice will have to be carved off of the pavement.

VDOT called the backup "unprecedented" in a statement.

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