Just Got Rear Ended

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I just got rear ended today and the bumper and hatchback are toast. I have to wait to take it/tow it into the shop until the police report/insurance adjuster is finished, aprox 3-5 days. That said, since the hatchback won't shut, I believe the battery is being drained. Is there anyway to disconnect the...

20-06-2015  · Last month I got rear ended by a 2010 camaro that chose not to stop when traffic ahead of him was on an exit ramp. Needless to say all of the energy of his car transferred via the trailer hitch of my 05DCSB TRD and subsequently bent the frame.

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I just got rear-ended on the freeway going to work. It was a pretty strong blow. The girl was probably texting since she was coming in hard at me when I and all the lanes were already at a full stop and not just stopped... but that is for the insurance companies to talk about.

01-10-2018  · Hey Guys and Gals, I just got rear-ended on the freeway going to work. It was a pretty strong blow. The girl was probably texting since she was coming in...

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Roughly 7 years ago I was rear ended by a woman going roughly 80-100KM/hr. I had brutally painful whiplash and was in physio once per week for about Don't get in the car with the drinker. Everyone's drinking, guy seems OK even though he's had a few... just don't. If you watched the drinker the entire...

I was just rear-ended at a stoplight. The guy didn’t hit me that hard, and there isn’t really any visible damage (my bumper has some dings, but I live in the city and don’t know if they are from this accident or just parallel parking hazards).

Rear hatch glass shattered as well as the passenger rear quarter. Just got back from the tow yard a few hours ago so going to post pictures as soon as I get them off my phone.

rear-end (rîr′ĕnd′) tr.v. rear-end·ed, rear-end·ing, rear-ends Slang To run into (another motor vehicle) from behind: My car was rear-ended by a truck. rear′-end′er n. rear-end vb (tr) (Automotive Engineering) US (of a vehicle) to crash into another vehicle from behind rear′ end′ n. 1. the hindmost part of something. 2. the buttocks. rear′-end′ v.t. to drive or crash a vehicle into the back end of …

02-03-2016  · I was driving to work today and was rear ended while sitting at a red light (@#$%^&!). I'm guessing the kid that hit me was going no faster than 5 mph because there was no visible damage to my 3 month old 70D other than dents in the rear bumper from his front license plate screws. The damage to his

10-11-2009  · I was rear ended on the highway in pouring rain and heavy traffic, I changed lanes to get to a place to pull over and was rear ended again, neither driver followed me when I got to a safe place to pull over and I thought to myself that I was just really unlucky, later on the police stopped by,one of the drivers... show more I was rear ended on the highway in pouring rain and heavy traffic, I …

Just got rear ended. francomakou Senior Member. My ctr got rear ended. Should i keep it or not? daymiel, Aug 28, 2018, in forum: Civic Type R Forum (FK8 - 10th Gen).

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just after i put my fuc*ing Tips on the car i got rear ended WTF. i fuc*ing hate cali ***** Fu*kers can't drive. man i feel like choking somebody. Will post pics tonight guys.

I got rear ended by a process server. The police didn't care he scared me into a panic attack when walked up to my car a banged on window. He is the most...

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