Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

We are a network of personal injury attorneys who represent victims of serious motorcycle accidents. Several of our lawyers are experienced motorcycle riders and know the unique perils and prejudices facing each motorcycle driver. We know that there is a high incidence of people pulling out in front of motorcycles without regard to their safety. At times motorcycles seem to be unnoticed until an accident occurs. This year thousands of Americans will be injured in motorcycle accidents caused by someone else’s negligence. Serious motorcycle accident injuries account for a disproportionately high percentage of all accidents on the road.

Serious Accidents causing Brain Injury

Many of these victims will need medical attention, and lose time on their jobs. Others will experience financial hardships as insurance companies fail to cover medical and lost wage on most motorcycle riders. Some injuries will be permanent, debilitating injuries. For some motorcycle accident injury victims, the future medical prognosis and employment status will be clouded by traumatic brain injury or a closed head injury.

Were You Riding A MotorcycleWhether you are a passenger or a motorcycle driver, we can help you get fully compensated for your personal injuries. For years our attorneys have successfully handled motorcycle accident claims and recovered millions of dollars for clients. We have access to the best motorcycle accident experts to prove your injury claim.. Knowledge of what to do at the scene and immediately after the accident can make a huge difference and greatly improve your likelihood of a successful financial recovery. If you or someone you know has been in a motorcycle accident, we also offer free online consultation . We can help you. Put us on your side.

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Were You Riding A Motorcycle?

Have you recently had a motorbike accident that wasn’t your fault? If you were riding a motorcycle and were injured due to collision with another vehicle, veering to avoid a pedestrian, or as a result of unsafe road conditions, you may be a fitting candidate for car accident compensation. With the help of our trusted car injury claims attorneys, finding out whether you are entitled to car accident compensation couldn’t be easier.

We extend the offer of assistance to anyone who has been involved in a non fault car accident, with the promise that our services are completely fee-free. Win or lose, you pay us nothing. This means that in the event your claim is successful, you also get to keep 100% of the compensation to which you are entitled!

Car Accident Compensation For Motorcyclists

Cyclists and motorcyclists represent the most vulnerable road users after car drivers. Some attribute the consistently high motorcycle accident statistics to the blatant disregard and consideration of car drivers, while others suggest it has much more to do with increasing congestion levels on our roads. Motorcyclists are fortunately covered by the mandatory requirement for vehicle insurance, which offers some aspect of protection in the event of a car accident. Still, it can be a daunting and isolating experience when seeking justice for an accident that wasn’t your fault. This is why we are here to help.

Our car accident lawyers have assisted thousands of injured motorcyclists seek compensation for road traffic accidents, with many also compensated for:

  • Prolonged or life-changing injury.
  • Medical costs.
  • Psychological trauma.
  • Motorcycle damage or repair costs.
  • Vehicle salvage/ transportation costs.

If you were involved in a non-fault car accident, there is a pretty good chance you meet the criteria for car accident claims. Interested in how much you could claim? Take a look at our car accident compensation calculator for a representative example.

Making A Car Accident Injury Claim With Us

Motorcyclists are often uncertain about the prerequisites for car accident injury claims, which is why we’ve made it so simple. Our car accident solicitors will assess your claim based on just a few brief details of the incident. From there it may be possible to ascertain who is at fault. In more complex circumstances, we may need to investigate the accident using data from witness accounts and police reports. Even if you believe it may be difficult to prove who is at fault, you should call us. Our specialists are among the US leading experts in car accident injury litigation and can often ease the burden by conducting enquiries on your behalf.

Take advantage of our no win, no fee service by calling us on: Alternatively, please provide us with a few brief details via the online form and a member of our panel will contact you at a time to suit.