Offset Playing Basketball With Broken Hand In The Midst Of Car Accident

►Offset Playing Basketball With Broken Hand In The Midst Of Car Accident

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    Application of ice and buddy taping the finger to the adjacent finger may provide some relief and allow the athlete to return to play. If pain and swelling persist, evaluation by a physician or athletic trainer is recommended and an x-ray of the finger may be needed.

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    Automobile accidents occur every day. Unfortunately, damage from these crashes isn’t always limited to the vehicles involved. On the list of common car accident injuries, back injuries rank high.. Even a seemingly minor accident can cause back injuries, in part because the human body simply isn’t designed to absorb the jarring impact of a car accident, even a low-speed collision.

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    Common Hand and Wrist Injuries in Basketball Players. The following are some of the most common hand and wrist injuries that basketball players deal with: Jammed fingers — this is most common hand injury to occur in basketball. The finger gets “jammed” when the ball hits the tip of the finger instead of the palm of the hand.

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