Parking Lot Accident Who’s Fault Is It?

The insurance company says that it's the fault of both drivers because they were both backing up at the same time. I disagree! The driver in the black car went by, slammed on the brakes, then once in reverse floored it! How could the driver of the blue car be at fault?

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    WHO IS AT FAULT IN A PARKING LOT ACCIDENT WHEN BACKING UP. The most common place for a car accident when reversing is a parking lot. The most common parking lot accidents when reversing are listed below. A Car Backed Out of a Parking Space into a Parked Car. This one is usually a no-brainer. The parked car is not moving. The driver is moving.

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    Yes, the person backing up is always at fault for the accident, unless both drivers were backing up at the same time. However, when it is unclear who started backing out first, a determination of fault is harder to make. Simultaneous backup accidents are among the most common parking lane accident.

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    A moving driver hits a legally parked car. This is the most common parking lot accident, because it includes dinging your neighbour’s car while opening your door and similar mishaps. The moving driver will be judged to be at fault. Two cars collide while pulling out of their parking spots.

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    The Role of Fault in a Parking Lot Accident Case Fault can play a crucial role in any parking lot accident, and determining fault may require looking at security footage from the parking lot, dash-cam data, or reviewing witness statements. An at-fault driver is responsible for the damages his or her behavior causes.

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    Below, we’ll highlight some general rules about the right of way in parking lots and how you can determine who is at-fault for collisions. Right-of-Way in a Parking Lot. In a standard parking lot, there are several lanes, and vehicles are parked on either side. There are also through lanes that run around the perimeter of the parking lot.

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    Understanding Who’s At Fault in a Parking Accident Traffic accidents are not always as dramatic as severe rollover crashes and explosions on busy highways. Instead, they can be as minor as a parking lot collision, which is much more common, yet can still lead to bodily injury or car damage.

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    Common parking lot accidents. If you back out of or into a parking space and hit a parked car, you are at fault. If you hit a legally parked car, you are at fault. If you hit an open door of a parked car, the owner of the parked car is at fault. If two vehicles both back into each other while leaving a parking spot, both may be at fault.

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    The rule of the thumb when it comes to parking lot or garage accidents is that, if the driver is at fault, the accident will reflect in your auto insurance premiums. But since this is not usually the case, these sort of accidents are normally settled with a 50/50 split between the two drivers.

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