Reckless Driver Missed Exit Causes Two Semi Trucks to Crash Spectacularly

This is the shocking moment a reckless driver causes two lorries to topple and crash after a daring attempt to cut across a busy motorway in east China.

CCTV footage captured the unnamed driver making the way towards an exit when a red lorry approached and narrowly swerved around but later toppled.

A blue truck also tried to avoid crashing onto the white car and ended up jackknifing before an exit.

Surprisingly, the driver managed to exit the motorway without any damages.

The incident happened at G25 Changchun-Shenzhen Expressway near Huzhou of Zhejiang Province on March 14 midday, according to

Inspector Zheng of Huzhou traffic police was sent to the motorway after receiving report by passing-by drivers.

Boxes of fruits dropped off the red lorry that toppled on the emergency lane after the driver tried to set the vehicle back on course from a wild swerve.

The blue truck ended up in a jackknife position as the truck driver applied harsh brake to avoid crashing the white car.

Surveillance. camera footage shows the white car driver gets off freely without any damages.

The unidentified driver continues driving down the motorway exit while ignoring the two crashed lorries.

It's believed that no one was injured.

Huzhou Traffic Police reminded drivers to keep going forward and take the next exit.

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