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Car Accident Injury Claims in Texas

Were you recently involved in a non fault road traffic accident? If so, you may be eligible to make a car accident injury claim. Eligibility for car accident claims is simple, providing you were not at fault. This means that whether you suffered personal injury, psychological trauma, damage to your vehicle or loss of earnings as a result of the accident, you may be entitled to make a claim. Our competent car accident solicitors can help you seek recompense and justice for injuries sustained – even for minor whiplash claims!

The most common car accident claims made following a road traffic accident are for whiplash. Any impact that causes the neck to become misaligned, or forcibly jolted from the front or behind can have painful repercussions. If you have sustained such an injury due to the fault of another driver, we are on hand to provide free impartial advice regarding access to car accident injury compensation. We can provide support, representation and possibly, personal injury compensation if your accident occurred within the last three years, at no cost to you.

Backing Car Accident Statistics

A reversing car accident occurs every 1.6 minutes in this country. In the U.S., every year, over 300,000 backing accidents are reported, and that doesn’t include unreported accidents. Every year, more than 400 people die because of backing accidents (most of them young children.) Drivers must pay over 1.3 billion dollars a year for the damages. The highest number of accidents happen in densely populated cities. For example, Houston is responsible for 15% of all Texas car accident injuries. Most of these accidents could have been prevented by even the simplest of backing safety systems!

Kids and Cars, a nonprofit organization for increasing child auto safety, reports that in 2017, 91 children died from being backed into. The majority (82%) of these deaths were small children under age four. This age group, though only a tiny 6% of the whole U.S. population makes up 30% of all the non-occupant victims of backing accidents. Also, the number of children killed in reversing accidents increased by 57% from 2016 to 2017. Why the dramatic increase? Most likely, it’s due to the large blind spots of SUVs, vans, and pickups, which have been increasing in popularity. Blind spots are areas the driver cannot see easily from her position.

Non Fault Car Accidents

Car accidents are a devastating occurrence at any time of life, regardless of age or experience. They are predominantly caused by human error, such as foregoing obvious warning signs at a junction or failing to adhere to imposed speed limits. No matter which factors contributed to your car accident, so long as you are not at fault, we can help you seek car accident injury compensation.

For a representative example of the compensation you could receive, try our free car accident compensation calculator.

No Win, No Fee Car Accident Injury Claim

If you were the innocent party in a road traffic accident, you may be eligible to make a car accident injury claim. Our basic criteria allows road traffic victims from all walks of life to seek the compensation they deserve, without the headache of spiraling legal costs. It matters little whether you were the driver or passenger at the time of the accident, as long as we can prove it was caused by the error of a third party. Our car accident claims are offered on a proven no win, no fee basis, ensuring you keep the full amount of any compensation awarded.

Contact us today for free impartial advice, before you make your car insurance claim. You can call us on: or, fill out the brief online form if you’d like a member of our team to contact you.

Accident Injury Cases

As explained by one Austin Car Accident lawyer, when a person is involved in a car wreck, there are two aspects of Texas law that can create problems in recovering damages. Texas is a comparative fault state. That means a person cannot recover damages for the percentage of fault the jury assigns to him. So if a jury finds the injury victim to be 10% at fault, the jury’s verdict is reduced by 10%. For the sake of accuracy, it should be noted that an injury victim cannot recover any damages at all if the jury finds him to be 51% or more at fault. In other words, if a jury finds the injured person to be 51% at fault and also finds his damages to me $1 million, the injured person recovers nothing.

Rear Blind Spots: Be Aware!

Texas Car Accident Lawyers warn that Most backing over accidents happens because a child or object is obscured from the driver’s view by the vehicle’s blind spot. The longer and taller the vehicle is, the bigger the blind spot may be, making it more difficult to see children or objects behind the vehicle.

We did our own investigation to demonstrate that principle. We measured the blind spots for several different types of vehicles: sedan, minivan, SUV, and pickup truck. Using a 28-inch road cone, and placing it at different distances behind different autos, we measured and compared the blind spots of these vehicles. Here is what we found:

  • Honda Accord Sedan: Blindspot is roughly 12 feet for an average-height driver (5’8″). For a shorter driver (5’1″), it would be closer to 17 feet.
  • Dodge Grand Caravan Minivan: Blindspot is 13 feet for the average-height driver, 23 feet for a shorter driver.
  • Toyota Sequoia SUV: Blindspot is 14.5 feet for an average-height driver, 24.5 feet for a shorter driver.
  • Chevrolet Avalanche Pickup: Blindspot is 30 feet for an average driver, 51 feet for a shorter driver. That’s a lot of obscured area!

As you can see, as the bottom of the rear window rises, the car length increases or the driver’s height decreases, the length of the blind spot increases. Don’t risk your own financial security and the lives of small children! Invest in a backing safety system today!

Reversing Accident Facts

  • Another reversing accident occurs every 1.6 minutes in the U.S.
  • Every year, over 300,000 backing accidents are reported. They occur on streets, in parking lots, driveways, and neighborhoods nationwide.
  • Each year, more than 400 people die from reversing accidents, many of them very young children. The cost to U.S. drivers each year is more than 1.3 billion dollars.
  • The U.S. Dept. of Transportation reports that more than 27% of all auto accidents involve reversing. They also say that with back up cameras or parking sensors, 70% of those drivers could have avoided the accident.
  • Inside ITS published a J.D. Power survey in 2001 of 10,000 drivers. 72% of them reported a desire to have external sensors on their next car purchase.

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