Motorcycle Accident Surpasses the Rate of the Car Accident Claim

According to recent statistics, the most rampant forms of personal injury claims that are made in the US since the last few years are either those for car accidents or for motorcycle accidents. The trend is growing alarmingly high; alarming as this signals excessive rash driving as well as a whole lot of careless attitude on the roads. Despite the implementation of the most stringent road safety rules with the threat of heavy penalties on people who are convicted of being guilty of disregarding road safety rules, a car accident claim is placed almost every day. Naturally, the government is being forced to look into its policies once more regarding street rules. However, the problem lies not so much on the laws that bind drivers and pedestrians as in several other factors.

"car accident claim"First of all, there are too many youngsters today that can be seen driving around their own vehicles, thanks to the fact that along with a driving license, a car or a motorcycle has also become much more easily available. There are myriad ways of earning money is perfectly legitimate ways, and with people discarding cars for favor of a new one much more than they did before, the availability of second-hand vehicles at a much reduced price is much greater. While there is really nothing wrong with this scenario, it does become a tad disturbing if the fact that this young crowd is the section to get the most pulled up for rash driving and/or driving under the influence is taken into consideration. Naturally, the situation looks much grimmer in the light of all these considerations.

Despite the huge number of cars and bigger vehicles that can be spotted on any busy street in the US on this present day, there is a staggering number of motorcycle accidents that take place all over the country. The situation does not remain so baffling if one takes a look at the socio-economic structure of the present day, as well as the eco-social standpoints. Today, anyone standing at a busy intersection of a street in Houston or any other major city will be able to see that there are a huge number of motorcycles on the roads, moving at top speed. The reason behind this sudden boom in the sale of these vehicles lies in the fact that they are much cheaper than cars, and can therefore be afforded by most of the population, even the young men and women with a much limited earning potential. Moreover, these vehicles are also much ‘greener’, so to speak, as far as the ecology is concerned. With more and more people becoming aware of the biohazards caused by the equipment and implements modern science has blessed us with, the number of people trying to do their bit to make earth a little less polluted is by no means small. This is the reason that so many people are today seem to be inclined towards motoring instead of driving a cool and expensive car.

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