Installation Help

Would you like us to find an authorized installer near you and schedule an appointment for you? We Can!

Are you busy? Don’t want to find local installers? Let us help! We will assist you to get your unit installed in your vehicle.

Just call or email us and we will set everything up! We will find an installer near you and schedule the appointment!

Autero will charge you a minimal fee of $20.00 for these services.

To take advantage of this service:

First: order the model you would like to purchase
Second: give Autero a call or send us an email and tell us 2-3 times that you would be available to have your backup sensor installed
Third: Autero will send you an email with detailed directions and time for the installation of your parking sensor.

Who can Install a Safety Product

ANYONE! Anyone can install our products. The system comes with the drill bit, screws, and all of the installation items necessary to install it yourself.

All that you need to have is a drill* for the drill bit and about an hour to walk through the installation instructions.

Of course, you can also have us find an installer for you.

* does not apply to the license plate models

Sensor Painting Info

We currently offers two colors of parking sensors: Black and Unpainted (Grey) on all DT and PAS backup sensor models. (call for a list of other possible colors)

Unpainted backup sensors can be taken to your local collision center and be painted to match your bumper for a nominal fee, usually less than $10 per sensor.