Second System Owned

This is my second system; first system was working for about 2 years. Then one snowy day on top of Donner summit someone slid into the back of the car. The leads on the 4 censers were about 2 foot longer on my first kit, so had to do a little adjusting. Over all very happy with the system

Fast Shipping and Advice

The product was shipped quickly and arrived as expected. Installation instructions (as many others said) were minimal and primarily focused on the wiring and sensor placement. No real step-by-step, just guidelines. If you look at it and plan your attack it’s not hard at all. I was quoted $300 to purchase and install one of these at a local shop. A couple quick points… insert the sensors through the holes THEN RUN the wires to the main unit. On an Expedition I had to pay close attention to where I put the main unit as the speaker wire was a little short for comfort. The hole saw for the sensors was a God-send. It all installed fine with a little thought, again, just plan your attack first

2 Hour Install

It took about two hours to install and adjust the sensor positions. i then measured the accuracy of the unit at 3ft measured the unit rear 3.02ft. that is close enough for gov work

Wonderful Product

Overall a wonderful product. Installation is a little tricky but not too bad.

Keep Sensors Clean

This is my first time ordering from auto anything and I recently purchased this sensor system; which shipped on time, & was fairly simple to install. You do need some know-how with a drill, and if you have a metal bumper you will need to lubricate the bit as you drill which means you may need someone to assist you, as I did. The sensors work perfectly but like pointed out in the owners manual, rain (or water on resting on the sensors) & dirt will sometimes give you false readings or the sound alert that you are less than a foot from impact. I just get out clean them and the system goes back to working perfectly.

2010 Toyota Tundra Backup Sensor

Installed on 2010 Toyota Tundra. I bought this system because the controller is waterproof and can be mounted underneath vehicle. Good quality fairly easy to install, instructions are a little vague. Good product for the price.

Easy Install


2005 Mustang Wireless Camera

My husband had this system installed on my 2005 Mustang. I know that is heresy to Mustang purists, but I had to hit 51 to get my Mustang, & I don’t want to risk backing into something. Besides, unless you look for it, it is hard to see. Anyhow, it works great. I can tell at a glance how close I am when backing up. (With a fastback it really helps.) Also has warned me more than once when someone stupid has stepped behind me in parking lots when I was moving backward. (If they came in a car, you’d think they’d know backup lights when they see them.) I like the double system of a monitor with distance & the sound system – especially for careless walkers.

Awesome Backup Camera

easy installation (had to drill one small hole near the license plate which wasn’t a big deal, easy to seal up for weather tight. Ran the wire through it to get to the vehicle wiring harness). Picture is very clear day or night. The wirelss works wonderful with no interference. It has been working flawlessly for 4 months. It’s an awesome backup camera

2008 Tundra Camera System

Awesome product, full color. To save me time and to do it right I paid the $100 to have my local garage professionally instal this unit on my 2008 Toyota Tundra. Now I can see if my son is behind me when I pull out of the garage. Also the camera allows me to hook up my boat and utility trailer since I can see the hitch area. I had it hard wired to my fuse box and it comes on when I shift into reverse. This way it eliminates using the cigarette adaptor.

Reliable Resource

www.stopbackupaccidents.com has been and continues to be a reliable resource for all my reverse sensor needs.

Fleet of 550 Vehicles

We found RBS through the web and have been very pleased with the product and the service they have shown. The reverse sensors are very easy to install, so easy in fact, we do all of the installations in house which saves us money on the back end. We currently have a fleet of over 450 vehicles, of which, 100 are vans and utility trucks. We have equipped the majority of our vans and utility trucks with the sensors and have had NO reported reverse accidents since. I have received nothing but good feedback from the field and from the supervisors in charge. I would like to thank Jared and RBS for really coming through with prompt shipping and for a quality product that exceeds our expectations.
Todd Bacchi – Gulf States, Inc.

2005 Tacoma with DT104

I bought the DT104 for a 2005 Tacoma pickup.  As a retired engineer, I was hesitant to drill the truck bumper for the sensors.  What if the system did not work?  Would the bumper shape cause false echoes?  Would the circle cutter supplied work on a steel bumper?  OK, I worry too much.  It is an “engineer thing.”  It is part of our job to look for potential problems. To gain some confidence (before drilling that bumper) I did a bench test.  I mounted the four sensors on a piece of wood lath, spaced as they would be on the Tacoma bumper.  I connected the controller, the speaker and a car battery.  The lath and sensors were propped up at bumper height.  Tests showed the system worked “by the book.”  When an object was moved within six feet, the system produced slow beeps.  As the object was positioned nearer, the beep rate increased, until, at about 18 inches, the sound was steady.  Perfect! I removed the bumper, drilled the four holes (the circle cutter worked fine on steel), and mounted the sensors.  Time for more tests: I temporarily wired the system to the truck backup lights.  The speaker was temporarily slid through the opened truck and shell windows.  Once more, the system worked fine.  The next step was to permanently mount the speaker in the truck cab, under the driver’s seat rail.  The wires were run through a handy rubber floor plug, and under the truck to the controller, which was installed in a storage bin in the side of the truck bed.  Driving tests confirmed the system worked properly.  I was impressed that the sensors could detect various size objects, from cars down to chain link fence fabric.  The beeping always gave the correct distance to the object, from six feet to 18 inches. One day later, the system went silent: no beep on shifting into reverse, nothing when backing up near an object.  I contacted Casey at Autero.  He volunteered to ship a replacement system.  Being “the engineer,” I thought I understood the problem.  Surely, the controller had to be bad.  What else was there?  Only the four, independently wired, sensors and the speaker?  I talked Casey into shipping only a replacement controller.  I returned the “bad” controller.  Unfortunately, the replacement controller made no difference.  The system remained silent.  Oops!  Maybe this engineer was not so clever? I called RBS (with my apology) to report what had happened.  Casey shipped a replacement speaker, which corrected the problem.  RBS gets an “A+” from me for their great customer service.  Casey and Carly could not have been more cooperative.  When I offered to pay for the extra two shipping charges, Casey graciously declined, placing the blame on the product.  Thank you.

Toyota Avalon

I just wanted to express my thanks for all your help in providing the detailed information on such a great and useful product for my Toyota Avalon! Your company’s combination of on-line info and the personal response to additional questions made the made the buying easy and reassuring me that I had made the right product choice. The system, as shipped, had all the items necessary for installation – even to exact size drill bit. I just had the kit installed yesterday and the installed system looks and worksabsolutely great! One more note concerning your recommended installer: – Although he had not previously worked with any of your systems, he came away smiling, impressed with the ease and simplicity with way the package installed.

2009 Ford F150

I received the replacement sensor – and it did the trick.  Here’s some pics from my installation – 2009 Ford F-150 Crew Cab…please feel free to share with your customers. The instructions plus the pictures may be helpful to others. I really like the product! I just could not handle the though of backing up into someone – now my mind is at ease.